Find your outlet when depression comes calling

By Tyler Swartz

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Admittedly we’ve all been depressed once in our lives, and for many different reasons. Maybe a relative just passed away, or you lost a friend, or you’re going through a bad breakup.

Whatever it was, you were happy but then it hit you.

It could have hit you pretty hard and swallowed you into an endless cycle, or you could be resilient enough to hop back on your feet. Sometimes depression just comes out of nowhere, and you’re just left alone, thinking, maybe about your life, or about the world.

It sucks, the feeling of emptiness or loneliness.

Trust me, I know how you can feel when you’re down — when you’re just lifeless — but things can get better and there are ways to make it get better or start the slow progression.

What helps me feel better is sleeping or playing video games. Those two things allow me to take control and shape what I want to happen. In other words, they give me the freedom to control the world around me; they allow me to take control of whatever I want.

Take something you love to do, and shape it into your own world that you control, because you control it, no one else. You can make anything happen, and it helps relieve the stress and emptiness of the world that you can’t control.

So whether it be drawing, writing, sleeping, or even playing a new video games, take control of it and make it your own little world.

Yeah, you’ll eventually have to stop and re-enter the unforgiving world around you, but it helps to ease the weight of the world around you if you need an escape.

So to all the depressed people who are reading this: I’m sorry. I know how it feels. The pain may never truly be gone, but you can at least mitigate it. Reach out to people, talk to friends, it does help. It might help in a small way but it does help.

And if you need an escape, try to find something you can control, something that eases the pain, and shape it into your own.

And one last thing … I myself am still trying to accept this: Nothing lasts forever.

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Find your outlet when depression comes calling