Column: It’s okay to ask for help

By Samantha Fridley

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We all have our problems.
Whether it is with homework, friends, or even family issues, at some point, we all need help. The problem is, some of us don’t really know how to ask for help. We know that we can go to our friends and they will help us as much as they can, but sometimes that isn’t enough.
We as teenagers forget sometimes that adults can help us, so this article is addressing this issue from the perspective of a freshman who didn’t know where to go for help. That freshman is me, Samantha Fridley. Questions that maybe some of you may have will be answered in this article, and different people will give you tips on how to ask for help.
You can talk to a teacher, such as Mrs. Weller, one of the Spanish teachers. She had told me why it is important for students to ask teachers for help. “We as teachers need to know what you need help with, so we can reteach it,” she said. When I asked her how important it was for students to ask for help, she said, “It is very important because teachers want to know how to ‘re-look’ at something that you are stuck on. It gives us a chance to learn as teachers and students.”
How do we ask for help? “Go to Intervention Days at Cougar Hour. You can also ask after class if you are too shy to ask in front of your peers,” she said. If you need to talk to Mrs. Weller her intervention days are on Mondays during Cougar Hour A.
You can also talk to one of your guidance counselors, such as Mrs. Hamrick. You can go to her for anything, whether it is for college, career planning, or anything that is on your mind. One of my questions I asked her was, “If you were a student, and you needed help what would be your options?” She answered, “I would go to my class during Cougar Hour on their intervention days.” How important is it for students to ask for help? “It is very important because it makes your life easier.” If you need to talk to Mrs. Hamrick or other school counselors, you can make an appointment in the guidance office:

A – D: Mrs. Steen
E – K: Mrs. Hamrick
L – Q: Ms. DeHaven
R – Z: Ms. Jubb

Asking for help can be difficult if you don’t know who or where to go to, but Jefferson High School has many people who are willing to help. If you need homework help, go to your teacher. Do you need to figure out what college you want to go? Ask a guidance counselor. Need medical attention? Go to the nurse.  You have to ask for help when you need it. There is no such thing as a dumb or unimportant question.

“Don’t be shy about asking for help. It doesn’t mean you’re weak, it only means you’re wise.” – Unknown

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Column: It’s okay to ask for help